Our services for Realio Network:

Token: RIO, RST

What is Realio

The Future of Private Equity is Digital. Realio eliminating the barriers to invest-in, trade, and leverage exclusive real estate, private equity, and other real-world assets through decentralized finance (“DeFi”).
An interoperable Layer-1 multi-chain Web3 ecosystem focused on the issuance and management of digitally native real-world assets (RWAs). Its design is fully open-source, permissionless, and purpose-built.

Official links

How to add to Keplr

Go to https://realio.network/ and connect Keplr.

Or go to Restake and connect Keplr.

How to stake with Restake

You can buy RIO tokens on Osmosis and stake them with Keplr wallet.


  • Go to Osmosis and connect your Keplr wallet.
  • Deposit ATOM or any other available tokens into the Osmosis app.
  • Swap for RIO.
  • After that on the Assets tab withdraw your RIO tokens to your Keplr wallet.

withdraw RIO from Osmosis

Go to https://restake.app/realio and connect your Keplr wallet:

Select validator Sr20de and click on it. A window will open. Click Stake button:

In the next window click Delegate button:

In the next window in the Amount field, enter the amount of RIO tokens you want to stake and click Delegate:

Confirm transaction in the opened Keplr window.

Congratulations! You are now a staker of RIO tokens.